Planning Causes Stress

Like most little girls I wanted to grow up and be a princess.  As I got older I the title of a queen sounder much more powerful and stronger.  But everyone wants a fairytale moment and thats the best time for a Sweet 16! Life has been stressful in general the casual rumors and people […]

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Down one 

We are currently down one.  Usually everything would be fine, but this one is special and is always there even if it’s to let out all your issues to her.      Dance is something we live, breath, and love to do.  It’s something that brought us together.  She’s my bestfriend and little sister, I […]

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Class Elections

Coming into high school I didn’t know any one besides my best friend and like two other people.  I was really interested in ASB which is the Associated Student Body.  I was ready to get involved and meet more people so I joined second semester of my freshman year.  I got to meet so many […]

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Break from Life

For most people spring break is full of parties and going out and taking trips.  Mine was full of sleep and hanging out with friends.  The bright side I got to make new friends and maybe more people to go on adventures with. The first thing I did that Friday we got out of school […]

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In life you have your opsticales. You can choose three different ways to go about them. 1 – jump right over them and just do it. 2 – turn around, ignore it, and just put it off and say “I’ll deal with it later”. Or, 3 – run straight through it and possibly hurt yourself […]

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