Get Away

This weekend was my weekend.  I was super excited because getting out of SB means getting away from the people in it and the problems they cause. Also being with my sisters and brother really made me realize what’s important in life and what you need to keep close and what you shouldn’t.  Family is […]

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State Street

A long continuous street, endless shops, restaurants, places to hangout, movie theaters,  endless groups of people, and a lot of tourists. This street connects Stearns Wharf to Goleta. The heart of Santa Barbara. State street is the place to “hang” with friends and just go to see more people.  It’s kinda of the meet up […]

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Through out my blog I want to shared some not so secret places, but in these not so secret places is always going to be a hidden treasure.  Always explore a little deeper and you will always find something. For this day of exploring I chose to bring my very close friend from dance who […]

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Adventure is just bad planning. – Roald Amundsen So sadly I am not willing to exploit this secret place, which isn’t so secret. My friend and I already knew we wanted to go find something new, so it was more of exploring what we all ready knew.  We didn’t know where we were going to end […]

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Since I live walking distance from the beach I always take bike rides down East Beach. Yeah I’m almost 16 I should have my permit but I never have time to take drivers ed, plus bikes can go so much more places than cars. Bikes can take you to more hidden places than you think. […]

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A Step to a new Beginning

Every adventure begins with a step to the unknown… Even if you don’t know your going on an adventure, that step out of your door is leading you to a new memory. So I will be honest here and say this “adventure” was planned.  My family and I enjoy seeing the Monarch butterflies come and […]

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