Planning Causes Stress

Mia's Photoshoot 526Like most little girls I wanted to grow up and be a princess.  As I got older I the title of a queen sounder much more powerful and stronger.  But everyone wants a fairytale moment and thats the best time for a Sweet 16!

Mia's Photoshoot 354

Life has been stressful in general the casual rumors and people trying to get back in your life just to bring you down with them,  no no… I’m fine where I stand.  The plus of my weeks have been that I won the election!!!! I am now the official Class President for next year, and I am super excited!  Other wise 16 planning wasn’t as fun as I pictured it.  I was always wanting to plan parties because it seemed fun getting to pick out the venue, food, table decor, flowers, balloons, cake, the candy table, shoes, jewelry, and finally the dress!  But its not all that great.  I am a very indecisive person and I bit of a diva when it comes to thinks I like and don’t like.  I don’t mean for it to come out sassy or rude but once I say something I said it so don’t ask me again.  My mother likes to ask the same question over and over or sometimes she switches it up by changing the wording of the same question.  My mother and I have a relationship were she has her style and her world and I have my style and I live in her world.  Not the best.  So you would think its my birthday… one day of the year where I put myself first…. the one day its about me and not others like it always is… no you thought wrong.  At first i knew my mother never had a sweet 16 or a quinceanera so  I thought she was trying to live it through me… I called her out on it once and she said she never wanted one… I was super confused.  Until I remember who that women was… she’s a very controlling person and she likes things her own way…. we are both stubborn.  But her excuse for picking everything is because she’s paying for it, but whats the point in celebrating my birthday if I don’t even like the party or its not me.   Basically constant arguing with her… I don’t see how her point would be the right point I mean it is the day I was put into the world right? She got to plan my other birthdays for years so why can’t I just plan this one?

Mia's Photoshoot 490

Oh and don’t get me started on the hip hop practices with my friends.  Ill just say never have girls in your dances…. never.  Guys are so much easier and they can lift you!  Always pick people who are the closet and have the most open schedule.  If they aren’t sure about their schedule then they shouldn’t be in it.  Currently my  party is in 11 days and Im currently dying.  Ive had no sleep for the past three months I should be studying for my biology test tomorrow and my AP world on Thursday.

Mia's Photoshoot 386

All I really hope is that this is all worth it for those couple hours of my day.

I will be catching up with my party next week! Be sure to follow my instagram for pictures.

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