Down one 

We are currently down one.  Usually everything would be fine, but this one is special and is always there even if it’s to let out all your issues to her.  

Dance is something we live, breath, and love to do.  It’s something that brought us together.  She’s my bestfriend and little sister, I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for her.  She’s just one of the very few that just gets me.  

Every Tuesday and Thursday we would get to see each other in class.  Every Thursday I would walk to her house and we would do homework, tell eachother the lastest “drama”, and just relax from the outside world.  She has been with me to most of my adventures and I was hoping to this Thursday but since last year we both actually went through an injury.  Around the same time her and me went through problems with our knees, right away I went to theropy just incase.  My ingury wasn’t very severe just took a couple months and a lot of theropy to get back to dancing.  In her case she just pushed it off cause she’s a girl who is strong and independent.  She likes to do this her own way and own time.  She didn’t feel the need to miss dance.  Now just being two years older doesn’t make me know more than her, cause trust me I’m pretty sure she knows more than anyone my age, but I viewed the long term effects and weighed my chances.  Missing a couple classes wasn’t as bad as possibly hurting it more and not being able to dance during Fiesta.  I believe she thought it was going to heal it self within a couple weeks.  It got worse but she got theropy and Fiesta went past and everything was ok just us twinning all the time with our knee braces and ice packs! 

 Then this year came, reasontly she has been bugging about her knee but by this time it was normal.  You know just cracking knees here and there cause they start to get stuck into place, it was a new normal.  But just last week when she tried to crack them it was three cracks in a role back to back in one knee.  That was a new thing,  and it didn’t feel good.  She sat down for a while and was back to dancing.  She went to the doctors the day after and next time I saw her she was on crutches.  The doctor said if she kept dancing her knee would be ingured for years to come.  This means no dancing in Fiesta, the one time of the year where we get to preform! We work year round for one week of the year and now she couldn’t dance! I wanted to cry for her.  Now people that don’t dance may not understand how sad and emotional this is, but for those of you that do,  you totally understand what I’m saying.  

Zoë is an amazing person and dancer and I know she will bounce back sooner than expected!  So Zoë this is my wishes and hopes for you! Get better I know it’s hard not to do the things you love or walk to the refigerater to get food but you’ll be better before you know it! Your bedazzled wheel chair should be coming soon and now that your cripled you can use that excuse basically on anything!!! Ahhaha have fun with that one bby Zoë!! I love you and can’t wait to see you again back on your feet! 



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