Class Elections

Coming into high school I didn’t know any one besides my best friend and like two other people.  I was really interested in ASB which is the Associated Student Body.  I was ready to get involved and meet more people so I joined second semester of my freshman year.  I got to meet so many people go to all the sports game and be apart of the scream team.  These opportunities gave me a chance to grow as a student and a leader.  This year I took on the role of becoming the leader of the Birthday Committee, this opened my eyes more of how a leader is supposed to be.  A leader is not a leader if they don’t have people helping them.  It is a team effort.  So now knowing everyone I feel confident and qualified to run to be my next year Junior Class President.

This was on my small posters all around the school.
This was on my small posters all around the school.

A lot of people think that this election is a “popularity” competition, which is not true at all.  Being Junior Class President is a huge responsibility, we would plan fundraisers for our senior year, like prom, graduation, senior sunrise and sunset, grad night, and  we also plan the school dance Winter Formal.  It doesn’t really seem that hard, but after being in the “behind the scenes” I see so much more work than I though was needed.

Smiling is always the best way to go!
Smiling is always the best way to go!

I feel ready and I am already very committed to ASB and my class.  I want the best for my class.  My goal is to make our senior class the best year possible!  I want every one to be included and not regret not getting involved in the school like the members of ASB and myself.  This Monday was the interviews and I didn’t do the best I could have.  With dyslexia everything just crams together in my head and doesn’t come out the way I want it to.  I know what I am trying to say, just didn’t say it the way I wanted.  Otherwise my campaign was very successful with handing out pins and lollipops and putting posters up and a lot of social media, also a lot of bubble gum.

Once a Don always a Don
Once a Don always a Don

Now I wait… Today is the day the students of Santa Barbara High School decide if they want a great senior year or no…..



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