State Street

A long continuous street, endless shops, restaurants, places to hangout, movie theaters,  endless groups of people, and a lot of tourists. This street connects Stearns Wharf to Goleta. The heart of Santa Barbara.

State street is the place to “hang” with friends and just go to see more people.  It’s kinda of the meet up place for over the weekend. This is also the place for parades and events.  The holiday parades are huge and everyone comes out to watch.

The Fiesta events are held in the mall Paseo Nuveo, De La Guerra Plaza, and restaurants.  The two huge parades that happen during Fiesta go through and finish on State Street.  Typically I go to state street more than once a week, not including driving through it.  Then I would be at state street every day.  I don’t just go to buy cloths or eat.  There is so much more to state street.  Lately I have been going to sate street a lot because it is a weekly thing.  We get something small to eat go to a near by Starbucks or find somewhere to just sit and talk about our lives.  I love going into our not so secret secret places where no one that we knows how to get there or even were it is off of state street.  I’d really like to keep it that way cause then a lot of people would want to go and ruin our peace.  Finding peace in the smallest of things like just sitting where no one else has troubles.

Peace is when I’m completely relaxed, thought free, and happy not having to worry about what the next thing life has to throw at me or something from my past dragging me down.  Find some where that you can call your peaceful or happy place, even if you feel it isn’t necessary it might be one day.

On my walk down state street honestly I didn’t  really know what to take pictures of and I apologize for not taking enough photos to show all of state street, but to be fair it does stretch from the beach all the way into Goleta.  I took many simple photos and while taking a break from walking we went up to a patio that over looked the center of Paseo Nuevo Mall.  Every time I visit another city or state I always expect there to be a mall or basically a place where all people go to just hangout or shop.  Every time I look for one that isn’t in Santa Barbara, I never find one.  Santa Barbara is completely unique and I can’t wait to share more detail of state street with you!


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