Through out my blog I want to shared some not so secret places, but in these not so secret places is always going to be a hidden treasure.  Always explore a little deeper and you will always find something.

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Santa Barbara Courthouse

For this day of exploring I chose to bring my very close friend from dance who is like my little sister.  We have been dancing together for three years now and have become extremely close.  We have not danced together at the courthouse, but it is one of our goals we hope to complete this summer during Fiesta.  The Courthouse of Santa Barbara does not seem all that fun to adventure from the title, but the beautiful architecture and the garden is so picture perfect.  Many people have weddings and photo shoots there.  This is a place I only go during Fiesta because it is one of the many places that people go to to watch Flamenco or Folklorico dancing.  I go during the night when all the lights are up and the stage is set when the chaos happens behind big grand doors with everyone rushing to fix that bobby pin, or the lipstick that smudged, or even remember the last piece of the dance.  Other wise I don’t go besides to taking pre- fiesta photos. Going during the courthouse  regular schedule I could walk around with out some one saying you can’t go there or that is only for this studio or that studio.  Arriving to the courthouse when the suns just starting to go down but still very bright was the best timing.  Just enough shade was cast so you could lay they for the rest of the day in the open grass below the huge building, but work was to be done.  First we decided to go to where the stage during fiesta is normally  set up.

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Now I was very very curious I never ever do this with out permission.  Nothing was unsafe about it besides the sign that says no public access being a tripping hazard.  It was a gorgeous view from a small area where a huge door was closed off to.  I do not regret going up there.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Once coming back down we went inside to find beautiful tiles along a stair case leading to who knows where.  We follow it up to the first court room and hopefully last time I’ll ever be in one.  It was amazing at how much detail went into painting the walls and ceiling.  There was a huge chandelier above the long table where all the big chairs were, I wish I could have gone and sit down in the main chair where a judge would sit but people started to enter and I did not want to break any rules that would get me in trouble.

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Gorgeous window right next to the beautifully painted court room 

Going out of the room there was a small hallway leaving to a nice view of the garden again with a ledge just calling my name for a picture.  I had to I wanted to do something to get a good picture which wasn’t the best idea even though I did not fall, so do not try this at home.

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Was something that had to be done.

After taking amazing risky photos we found a stair case leading to the very very top where I have never been before.  We took the elevator up up up.  Finally reaching the top, wind blowing softly, warm sun shine rays still making there way threw to the giant compass painted on the ground.  It was another amazing view of Santa Barbara that I wish I could wake up to every morning.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Mid laugh pictures are the best even if it is a bit blurry.

Every day can be turned into an adventure or exploring the known.  I walked to the courthouse after school and wish I could go back now just to relax on the grass and enjoy where I live and realize how lucky I am.  Take another look, a different point of view, step out of your shoes for a day and hopefully you will see something new and different.  Not everything is explored, you have to search a little deeper.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
More amazing views can be seen in the gallery of all my photos soon to come

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