Adventure is just bad planning. – Roald Amundsen

So sadly I am not willing to exploit this secret place, which isn’t so secret.


My friend and I already knew we wanted to go find something new, so it was more of exploring what we all ready knew.  We didn’t know where we were going to end up.  We didn’t know if we were going to find this place we were looking for.  On the way we even found some more secret places for ourselves.

Stearns Wharf

First we planned to go to the wharf.  As always it was packed, cars and people going in and out.  Same old same old tourists, anyone that has lived in SB for longer than 5 years will agree with me.  We hate tourists.  Now maybe hates a strong word, but they are like your little annoying sibling that doesn’t close the door all the way, there is always that little crack.  After getting to  Stearns Wharf, I already knew where I wanted to go because I’ve been there many times.  It was a windy day and the water level was higher than usual.  The occasional seagulls and pelicans.  I have always seen them flying in the sky, lets just say they look a lot smaller up there.  Passing all of the restaurants and shops we finally reach the end where there is no railing, no fence, nothing to block you from falling into the never ending ocean.  I guess its a good place to fish, because there is always fisherman.  Sometimes we see photographers, but what we always see,  tourists. I find it really relaxing just sitting at the end, dangling my feet off the pier.  After taking some picture we turn around and find two pelicans.


They were bigger than I thought.  Even just sitting they were big.  As we walk closer to get a picture another one flies over us and starts perfectly circling around getting ready to land.  As the third one lands the bigger one of the pelicans gets up from sitting.  I’m short so for me the pelican was half my size.  I try getting close, but not to close, just close enough in case it gets scared and flies away.  While taking a video I try walking closer to it but it starts to walk toward me, I got scared and start to run away when really I see the pelican trying to get away from the one that is landing.  The one that just landed tries to attack the one running away.  They snap at each other for a minute and then that is it.  They each find their spot and sit back down and just enjoy the sunlight.  After our pelican encounter I wanted to show my friend a ladder that lead down to the ocean.  She thought I was crazy but I wasn’t going to jump in with my close on. It is fun going down and down until you reach just where the water reaches the last couple steps.  The water moving in a rhythmic pattern up and down, up and down.  After making her go down the ladder, not all the way we decide to walk to a near by mini village of restaurants.

Ladder Down to the Ocean

Once we get there we see a truck that looks like a store.  It was the coolest thing, sadly I think it’s only a local thing.  But hey another reason to visit SB.  We take a quick look and walk around look for a picture we saw.  Extremely determined we might have adventures into some private property.  To be fair it did not have a big sign on it saying “Only Sonos workers allowed”, thank god I know the owners.  But as we ran out of the building we found a really unique antique shop.  It was three stories and very quiet.  I can’t wait to go back and get a vintage camera.  After that we went into some apartments, which didn’t look like apartment at all.  First we didn’t want to get kicked out, plus we weren’t even sure it was the place.  We tried it anyway, cause whats the fun in adventure if there is no risks.  We took the stairs to be safe from anyone finding us.  Once we go to the last level we opened the door and it wasn’t what I expected.  It wasn’t as big, but it was peaceful, it wasn’t the view I expected, but it was somewhere hidden away from all the people and worries.  Exploring places you’ve been before, take a new view from where you are standing.  You will always find something new.

roof tops


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