In life you have your opsticales. You can choose three different ways to go about them.

1 – jump right over them and just do it.

2 – turn around, ignore it, and just put it off and say “I’ll deal with it later”.

Or, 3 – run straight through it and possibly hurt yourself running through that “impossible” wall.

A little throw back from when I felt free from all my problems
A little throw back from when I felt free from all my problems

|Nothing is impossible, even if you think it is, you have to live through anything for it to be “possible”.|

I tend to do all of these things. Depending on the situation it varies, going to family gatherings = 1,  homework = 2, finding out the truth = 3.  I don’t understand why some people would rather not want to hear the truth about how either someone sees you as, or how that persons attitude is toward others, or how someone else feels about you.  I would want to know the truth about all of these. Yeah some answers may feel like someone repeatedly stabbing you in the back, but hey now you know who’s really there for you and who’s not.  Now you can move on with your life and stay with those who are true to you and good to you and build a better self. I always want to know the truth… I mean I find it out eventually so might as well just tell me.

1 = turning away and ignoring reality
1 = turning away and ignoring reality

Some people of my past have already drifted off cause of dishonesty, and to be honest I am happy they did. Only because they are bettering them selves and I am working on myself.  These past two years I’ve learned a lot.  High school is the most critical time when you start having real problems.  You start feeling the stress of life.  Older generations don’t know what our generation goes through now.  There isn’t just that one bully that takes your lunch money.  With more technology everything is sent in a blink of an eye.  Easier for rumors and lies to spread.  People turn out to be someone you hoped they weren’t.  Looking back on my “lessons” I tend to not pick the best people to be with.  By this I mean the lessons I have learned, don’t put your trust into someone you just reasonably meat,  people aren’t always who they say they are,  they don’t always mean what they say, and always follow your gut.  I’ve learned the lesson of fake friends and people, now I know who they are so I don’t involve them in my life, because I don’t need that negativity.  It is funny though how the people from my past still try to find a way back in even when they were the ones to spread rumors, talk bad, or even pretend to really like me.  I try and be straight up with people.  I try and like everyone even if they haven’t been so nice to me.  I try and realize they are probably acting this way because of something at home.  But sometimes just sometimes theres those ones that just won’t stop.  When you find out the ones who you though really cared for you didn’t or did something that makes it feel they never cared.  Wow those hurt the most.  So  I understand the term never fight fire with fire now.  Sometimes if two flames are to strong it could end up being a bigger burn.  Wounds are supposed to heal for a reason.

Family is the only truth you have
Family is the only truth you have

So always remember it’s okay to lose people or things or someone you considered family. Now it might not be the best feeling in the world, but in the end everything works out. |Or so I’m told.  I’ll check in and see if it’s true later in the year.|  That’s what I’m waiting for.  For everything to fall into place, the puzzles to fit together just right to make my future, for the truth to unravel.  I try really really hard not to really show how I am feeling around certain people, because I know if I do I become venerable to others.  I become someone I didn’t want to be.  I put others before myself… Even if they aren’t the best to me. I try and realize that maybe something else is going on with them.  That there’s always something I never share, so there’s probably something they don’t say to. Be nice to everyone even if they aren’t to you.  I go out with a mask on my face every day, no one knows that, no one did, no one ever really will. Because no one gets what kind of “mask” I mean.  I’d like to keep it that way because everyone views me as a happy girl with good grades and amazing people by her side.  And that’s how I want it to be cause it is.  😊

Jump for joy that you have real people who really care about you in your life
Jump for joy that you have real people who really care about you in your life

Didn’t expect that did you.  Now this wasn’t an adventure you’d  expected, but it technically is an adventure.  I didn’t plan on my life turning and flipping and completely just being a huge roller coaster.  It was on a path at first I never saw coming and never pictured that I would be on. You never know what the future holds, but hey…

Not a rainbow, but sunrises and sunsets are still amazing
Not a rainbow, but sunrises and sunsets are still amazing

|There is always a rainbow after a storm.|



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