Since I live walking distance from the beach I always take bike rides down East Beach. Yeah I’m almost 16 I should have my permit but I never have time to take drivers ed, plus bikes can go so much more places than cars. Bikes can take you to more hidden places than you think.

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My friend wanted to bike to Butterfly Beach, not the same as “Butterfly Bluffs”, and at first I thought it’s to far because by car it is like 5-10 min away. She said she knew a short cut. I said okay why not… just another adventure. So we biked down all of East beach which is pretty popular because of Stearns Wharf. There are a couple of really good sea food restaurants and candy shops and the sea center, which is also coming soon!  After passing the bird refuge came Montecito and I was telling her there are to many cars at the round about that we couldn’t go that way so she said “I know a short cut”. I said “okay I guess”. We went, and I’ve never been the back way to Butterfly before. The view of the beach with the palm trees so typical for the west coast I guess, but it was pretty. It is still refreshing to see it.


Even living in SB my whole life I realized how much I don’t go around and take advantage of where I live.  We continued down the road to the bottom and got off the bikes and just sat there enjoying some music and watching the tide roll in. It was high that day, but not as high as last time I saw it. Butterfly has a wall blocking the road from the sand because the tide rises very high. I’m not sure how often but I have seen it reach half of the walls height.


Once I was done taking little videos, which is coming soon, we decided to go eat lunch at the popular State Street. State street is a regular place for everyone. On the way back we didn’t go the same way. She said she had another short cut. It was a tunnel, a colorful tunnel.


It was really cool and was kind of hidden, I’ve passed it so many times and I’ve never seen it. After going through the “color tunnel” we went to Habit and just relaxed for a little and ended up bumping into some friends. My point is that bikes can take you farther than you think. Plus they don’t cause pollution! The point I am trying to get to is that no matter how many times you’ve been somewhere… there is still more to discover. Comment some of your “regular places” you will explore more.



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