A Step to a new Beginning

Every adventure begins with a step to the unknown…

Even if you don’t know your going on an adventure, that step out of your door is leading you to a new memory.

So I will be honest here and say this “adventure” was planned.  My family and I enjoy seeing the Monarch butterflies come and fill the trees as they sleep peacefully.  I find it really crazy how different butterflies come to the exact same spot every year.  The best time to see the butterflies is between November and February.  I went to early and there wasn’t a ton hanging from the trees.  They were significantly a larger group of butterflies in the same spot, just not as much as the last year I went.  After walking across a small bridge through tall trees and a lot of humming birds speeding around you reach the eucalyptus trees.  On the perfect day between Nov. and Feb. you will see entire eucalyptus trees covered in monarchs.  When they aren’t completely covered the butterflies tend to blend in and camouflage into the trees. At first you would think that they are bright orange with black around them but when they are sleeping in the trees there wings are closed, and thats what makes them see super thin. Now this is where the adventure truly began for me.  After just being amazed by how the butterflies were able to fly thousands of miles, we followed the trail that led me to a huge open flat land filled with brush.  After going all the way to the end a cliff emerged that led down to the beautiful ocean.    My friend and I took some pictures here and there it was just having fun in the moment.  We came to a big tree that had an open space in the middle that was surrounded by its leaves.    It was the same tree as last year but after walking around I saw a small opening and it was the moment.  The moment of “what’s over there” kinda thing.  I pushed some leaves to the side and we were at the edge of the cliff.  It was beautiful being able to see from a different view point.(Those picture will be on my Instagram soon).  After that we kept walking on the cliff to go down to the beach, but there was another opening that I’ve never noticed before. We walking and it turned out to be a bare spot of the cliff.  After some more pictures we finally went down to the beach and it was perfect.  Being there with people I love, that’s all it’s really about.  I can’t wait to see what else I will be able to see in my own community. // by the way I call this are the “butterfly bluffs” just cause I don’t know the exact name//


Take a Step into the Unknown

 Small Bridge

Fisheye View
Fisheye View
This was the beach below the butterfly bluffs
This was the beach below the butterfly bluffs
Photo credit// Vic
Photo credit// Vic



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